Please excuse the mess in my Happy Blog Home. THE MAID RAN OFF WITH THE POOL GUY & is I am having to clean the house, do the laundry, deal with depression, Crazy Ass Family (Not Hubby) My side of family, Fibromyalgia & work on this Blog.

(showing my age, that was a term in the ’80s we used, it means, Gotcha, jokes on you)

Nope, I got tired of the colors & format so I am redecorating.
Hey, this is Free, so the Hubby should not complain.

Please excuse the mess 😉

I cleaned the Microwave

I wish I clean out the CRAP in my life like cleaning the microwave!! I am so tired of my family making my mental health problems worse. I am not aware of any pills available to make me better. My Therapist said part of my Depression is “Situational”! Well, I be damned!! I have been saying that all my dammed life. Who knew that I actually knew I was right? The only way to get away is to move or get high or drunk and neither is an option I want explore. I would love to move, but my husband’s work is here and my daughter’s school. My husband had made a life in my home town community. He is the damned Fire Chief in the Volunteer Fire Department! My mama lives next door! I will be depending on support from lots of counseling, my husband, good friends and God. I am trying so hard to get back to me!

I have been away far too long.

Please accept my apology, I have been away far too long. My Fibromyalgia is good. I am still suffering from depression, I am better; I can’t get my passion back! I believe helping people with Fibromyalgia/CFS, etc. is a calling from God/Jesus. (I always put slash between God & Jesus, because many people pray to God & there are many different God’s to people, but my God is the Trinity! The Holy Ghost, Jesus, God is all one person, yes I am a Christian♄). When I am out of the house, shopping, errands, etc., I will be talking to people & randomly they will have Fibro & need advice. It amazes me how random it is, but really it isn’t!! I made mistakes with doctors or they made mistakes with my body & I want to keep others from making these same mistakes. Many doctors are so cocky, they don’t listen to us, they listen to themselves & there organization & are bought by the drug companies. If you have 1% doubt about your doctor, it is time to get on Facebook, ask people in your area that are having good results, WHO IS YOUR DOCTOR?? This is your first step to take control of the body God gave you♄




I have not blogged in a few weeks. Fibromyalgia has consumed my body and my life. I feel like I am sinking in quicksand. I get a little better and then I back in the bed. I am talking to the doctors to get their advice and doing the best I can to function and still be a part of my life.

I think the entire problem is a bit of depression, outside world bringing stress to me and I am not excersising. I have a lot to work on and will post later with my plan of action.