Welcome to my “Crazy World”

A year ago, I could only stand up & walk around a store about 30 minutes & now I on a Healing Journey. I have been seeing a Pain Management Doctor since June 2010 and I am very proud to say I do not take Narcotics for my pain. I am going to publish the blog now & it will be a work in progress, unlike a book, where you complete it until it is perfect to show it to the world. If I wait until this is perfect, know one will see it!!

Please be patient! I HAVE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL I AM DOING!! I AM DETERMINED & WILL FIGURE IT OUT!!! You (world) & me will get a lot of laughs between now & the time I figure it out. LOL

This is how I describe myself:

A little bohemian, gypsy, pirate, redneck, beach bum, southern bell, etc I have always been a Free Spirit, not a planner. I don’t worry about things. Even before I knew about Jesus as my savior, I knew who Jesus was, because I went to Church and Sunday School. But, I did not know the Savior, Saved part until I was 27! I love to be around people & my family. I have, never meet a stranger. I love bright colors, peace signs (just cause they are cool looking, not anti-war/protest), flip-flops, beach, anything sand & water, palm trees, sea shells, In December 1998, when I was 31 my husband & were in an auto accident & I was not seriously injured (nothing broken), but I was never pain-free again. After 3 years of test, physical therapy, etc I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & my world changed forever. I lost that FUN part of me, gradually over the years. 2/10/2009 I had a total Hysterectomy & had pelvic and Fibro pain for at least a year. The surgery was something that had to be done and I have not regretted doing it. I had Endometriosis & Andometriosis. After the surgery for the next year I still had pelvic pain, fatigue and lower back pain. So much more issues & test & doctors & different treatments…. And Then In June 2010 I stopped working to get well. Found an awesome Pain Management doctor. I am Back to feeling like my old self. I still have bad days when I feel like crap & may have to stay in bed, but that is ok! I don’t question God! I can deal with that. I am very thankful I have a wonderful husband, Mike, who supports me by working very hard and this allows me to stay home to work on getting better each day. We are blessed with a wonderful daughter will be starting her second year of college and starting Nursing school in the Fall.


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