My Personal Journey living with Fibromyalgia and taking my life back. I was working fulltime and had to stop working to focus on my health, I am on a healing journey, thanks to the help of Pain Management Doctor. My everyday life my seem boring, but to me it is awesome, that is what I am blogging about. My husband, without him, I don’t know where I would be, he is supporting me & is my soul mate! My daughter, is our baby, but not really she is 19 & in Nursing School. Our lives would not be the same without Lacy, our Dappled Dachshund, she is so spoiled and many times I can’t go to sleep without holding her. We have a Calico Cat, Cali and she loves me so much, she tries to sleep on my head, I have to push her to the side of my head. I love to cook and had to give that up while working and I am now starting to that again, I can’t wait to talk about that, I am proud of my dishes. Lastly, my passion is crafts (not your Grandma’s Crafts), instead of seeing a Psychiatrist all these years while dealing with all this pain and during the past few years when it was real bad, trying to work and exhausted, I began “Retail Therapy” and now I have a “Mini Craft Store”. I plan to start an online business and/or a local business. But, first I have to get busy making things. ~ I know you are a little bit interested, so grab your best Tye Die clothes & Peace Sign jewelry & stop in ♥☺♥


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