I am thankful this is not an emergency visit & it is a check at my primary care doctor’s office.  Actually she is Nurse Practitioner Jenny & she has been treating. Me for a year.  It has been the best primary medical care I have received in my adult life (26 years).  That is great for me & sad for this country & other people that have Fibromyalgia!    

Happy Saturday! I told you I was figuring this out as I go, just found the APP & posting from the Droid for the fisrt time! Mike (hubby) & Ellen (daughter) are out rambling, they are early birds. Me & Lacy (dog) are slow moving! I had coffee & surfed the web & Lacy is napping in my lap. (she is my granddog & I am Gram). I have to go to Target to get my $5.00 gift card purchases today, last day of sale. I haven’t cleaned out coupons since before I went to Hawaii & shopping will just take longer! What happened to a paperless society? If they would lower the price we would not need coupons & special store cards! just one more stress a woman with Fibromyalgia doesn’t need to deal with. It is a sunny day when I can manage the shopping. Last year Mike & Ellen had to do it & ther wasn’t any coupon savings happening! People who don’t “coupon” don’t realize how time consuming it is, but how much you can save!


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  1. Hi,so glad you are doing well.Could you please let me know how they are treating your fibro? I have had more than afew doctors in the 5 years since I was diagnosed.Every one tells me the one before was not treating me with the proper methods.All i know is i am still in daily pain and feel useless and unable to care for myself let a lone my 5 kids! Please share with me any advice you may have that could help me feel like a normal person.

    • Hey Lynnette, I have been through the same experience with doctors. Always remember they can’t feel your pain & you know your body listen to your body! I am being treated by a pain management doctor. Sadly all pain management clinics & doctors don’t share the same philosophy. Some may want you to loose weight, try physical therapy, etc. My doctor put me on Topamax in June 2010 & I was weaning off of cymbalta. I could not stand more than 10 minutes & by September I was out running errands. I am up to 300 mg on topamax. If you are at you goal weight (skinny) this RX is not for you. Main side effect is appetite suppressant. I have lost 45 pounds without trying. I also get lidocaine injections. I was doing great & now they have worn off & yesterday was hell. I have an appointment next week & I will become a pin cushion again & get the needles all over my back. I also had a cortisone injection in my hip joint 6 weeks ago & I can tell that is starting to wear off. You can get lidocaine as frequently as you need it, but not cortisone, it is harmful over a period of time. I think it breaks down calcium, not sure. Please excuse spaces & grammar, PC is off again to HP & this is from the Droid.