Last week my husband (Mike) worked 12 hour days, the plant he works at was shut down 4th of July week & he works in maintenance.                                              
Anyway, I had to set the picture for you, last week I was JUNE CLEAVER, supper on the bar every night!  (We don’t have a table)  I was in good wife guilt mode, been to Hawaii & he didn’t go. 

He works his but off to support me & I can’t work because the fibrous pain is so bad.  Personal decision, it was my sanity or work full-time try to keep had above water & feel like I was hit by an 18 Wheeler everyday & be of no use to me, my grandparents, my child, husband,  God & the world!  We decided I would focus on m health & get back to living.  But, I still feel guilty.

If you haven’t figured out by now I like to talk & I tend to get in detail.

This week I am bad wife & I am ROSANNE from the 90s TV show.  My daughter said last night we are cooking tomorrow night.  I still have the guilt but the pain has taken over.  I beat myself up with the guilt, because he really doesn’t care.  He is the easiest person on the planet to please.  He is so southern, good ole boy the only thing he is missing is the name Bubba.

Happy Saturday! I told you I was figuring this out as I go, just found the APP & posting from the Droid for the fisrt time! Mike (hubby) & Ellen (daughter) are out rambling, they are early birds. Me & Lacy (dog) are slow moving! I had coffee & surfed the web & Lacy is napping in my lap. (she is my granddog & I am Gram). I have to go to Target to get my $5.00 gift card purchases today, last day of sale. I haven’t cleaned out coupons since before I went to Hawaii & shopping will just take longer! What happened to a paperless society? If they would lower the price we would not need coupons & special store cards! just one more stress a woman with Fibromyalgia doesn’t need to deal with. It is a sunny day when I can manage the shopping. Last year Mike & Ellen had to do it & ther wasn’t any coupon savings happening! People who don’t “coupon” don’t realize how time consuming it is, but how much you can save!


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