I woke up with my back feeling like it was breaking in two. I have not felt that pain since February 2011. I started getting Lidocaine Trigger Point Injections in my back in March 2011 at my Pain Management doctor’s office. My world open up, the gray sky were all of a sudden, blue & sunny! I woke up pain-free & started getting these injections in other places in my back, shoulder, front stomach (pelvic region) (no trigger point, but it still hurt), where ever I had pain). According to my doctor Lidocaine is safe & can be given frequently, unlike Cortisone that can cause damage to your body. I am not going to comment on the pro’s & con’s of either of these, that is what Google is for, Webmd & your doctor. I am only telling my experience with Fibromyalgia. Many doctor’s have told me Cortisone is not safe for long-term use & if a doctor doesn’t want to take your money for something, it must have some truth to it!

The important reason for this post is my last shots were on June 9th & they are gone, gone, gone from my body. I did have Cortisone injections & Lidocaine because I went to Hawaii June 14th. normally I just get Lidocaine & to be honest I think the lidocaine works better. I hope if you are in pain you will go to a pain management doctor to get Lidocaine Injections. If they say you need to lose weight, excercise, physical therapy, etc; you need to find another doctor. How can you do all this if you can barely make it to the bathroom to take a shower or do a load of laundry? My doctor never had this attitude with me. She started me on a low dose of Topamax & I got Tordal shots at every visit. You can also get Tordal in a pill for a long term RX. It will give you a boost & bring you out of a “Flare”! I am now up to 300 MG on Topamax. Topamax is not for you if you are at goal weight, the major side effect is appetite suppressant. I have lost 45 pounds since June 2010 without trying.


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  1. Regina, I can relate to what you are going through. I love, love, love your Blog! It is a lot of work to accomplish this, but you are helping other people, and that is a wonderful gift. I’ve always referred to myself as a Bohemian Goddess….lol. Those were the days! Praying for you…(<3)