My primary doctor’s office called yesterday & told my my B12 is low.  I will get my first shot tomorrow & get 3 more (1 every week for 4 weeks).  Then they will test me again.

I am posting from my phone & don’t know the correct term, but you need to be tested to make sure the B12 is breaking down in your stomach.  I went through this 3 years ago with a quack doctor & she didn’t test me for this.  My new doc, the nurse practitioner told me this when I first saw her & were discussing my medical history with the quack doctor! 

One more day & I get the lidocaine injects!  My body is reminding I still have fibromyalgia, I am going to show Fibromyalgia who is the boss of this body!

I have house to myself, I hurt all over & I am going back to sleep with Lacy (dog) & Cali (cat).  I know I just gave the macho speech, but I like to sleep during the day alone.  I think rest is good for Fibromyalgia.  I said rest, not sleep, in the bed every day, I don’t do that!  But there was a time before I saw the pain doctor I did because I had no choice.


Happy Saturday! I told you I was figuring this out as I go, just found the APP & posting from the Droid for the fisrt time! Mike (hubby) & Ellen (daughter) are out rambling, they are early birds. Me & Lacy (dog) are slow moving! I had coffee & surfed the web & Lacy is napping in my lap. (she is my granddog & I am Gram). I have to go to Target to get my $5.00 gift card purchases today, last day of sale. I haven’t cleaned out coupons since before I went to Hawaii & shopping will just take longer! What happened to a paperless society? If they would lower the price we would not need coupons & special store cards! just one more stress a woman with Fibromyalgia doesn’t need to deal with. It is a sunny day when I can manage the shopping. Last year Mike & Ellen had to do it & ther wasn’t any coupon savings happening! People who don’t “coupon” don’t realize how time consuming it is, but how much you can save!


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