Cats are just in your life & do what the want to, but dogs love you unconditionally!  Lacy has been with through every nap, sitting in the recliner, in bed all day, etc!  We have a body pillow & it flat & worn out that is hers & that is her spot!

Cali is always on my head, since she was a kitten!  I don’t get but, who understands cats?

Happy Saturday! I told you I was figuring this out as I go, just found the APP & posting from the Droid for the fisrt time! Mike (hubby) & Ellen (daughter) are out rambling, they are early birds. Me & Lacy (dog) are slow moving! I had coffee & surfed the web & Lacy is napping in my lap. (she is my granddog & I am Gram). I have to go to Target to get my $5.00 gift card purchases today, last day of sale. I haven’t cleaned out coupons since before I went to Hawaii & shopping will just take longer! What happened to a paperless society? If they would lower the price we would not need coupons & special store cards! just one more stress a woman with Fibromyalgia doesn’t need to deal with. It is a sunny day when I can manage the shopping. Last year Mike & Ellen had to do it & ther wasn’t any coupon savings happening! People who don’t “coupon” don’t realize how time consuming it is, but how much you can save!


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