It has been a slow day, but I am slowly starting to feel better. I have done nothing all day! I finished reading a chapter in the book I am reading. I feel asleep in the middle of the chapter Monday night & I don’t know about you, but that just bugs me, I have to finish a chapter!

I slept too late again! Every time you change the theme in this dang blog, all your settings go, so all your work flies out the window & it is like starting over again! I am so excited I finally found a format I like & figured out how to put an image on the background. I am so moody & now I can change the image (background) without screwing up my settings! It is the simple things in life. Now I can get to good stuff, BLOGGING!!

I am feeling better, my pain is much better. It takes about a week for the Lidocaine injection to get in your system. Well, it does for me, I am sure everyone is different. I am going to out of this chair & earn my keep. I got to get cleaned up & then get some cleaning done in this house. Hubby will be home soon, I love him so much! That is so awesome after 23 years!

Please don’t think this Blog is only about Fibromyalgia, Pain & Blah, Blah, Blah!! I am about to get into an adventure of getting this house in shape. I have to clean out, organize, de-clutter, etc & I will be posting pictures & showing my progress. I have found some good blogs with good advice. As soon as I get the Links section running, I will post them.

I am also working on Mini-craft store of “craft supplies”. All that retail therapy will add up quick when you are buying & not making anything. I will be posting pictures of the finished products. It feels so good to have an attention span again & be able to make things. I love being creative & artistic.


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