Last Friday I went with my friend, Liz to Washington DC. She is 67 & am 44, you would never be able to tell there is an age difference between us. She is so fun & does not act her age. It is a four-hour drive up to DC & we stayed with her daughter. I had not been to DC since I was in 8th grade & needless to say, things had changed a bit! She lived in DC for 35 years & knows her way around, I had my own personal tour guide.

She drove me around to see the Monuments, Capitol & the White House. She said I has to see the all the historical things because it was a disgrace I had not been to DC since the 8th grade. I am a History buff, but we just have not made it to DC. I liked Washington DC & would like to go back again. I can understand why she is so proud of her city. We worked our way back home & did a little shopping. It was short, but a great weekend. She is my shopping buddy & I can talk to her about anything.

It was not the sights & the shopping that made it a great weekend, it was seeing the city through her eyes & listening to her tell her life story about how she came to DC at the age of 17 to start her life. I was raised in such a sheltered life in the rural south that I had no clue what a Black 17-year-old girl/woman would be subject to in 1961 in the rural south. I already knew she had a baby at age 17, but I never gave it a second thought that she could not finish school in NC. So thanks to backwards & racial ways in the rural south, she moved to DC, moved in with her Aunt, finished school & got a great job with the US Post Office. God is always in control, even when the racist people think they are in control!

I get so angry & interested in the way blacks were treated in this country. I don’t think it was right, but I also think racism can be both ways today, (modern-day). I have many good friends that are black & we have a bad racism problem in this area. There are other bad people as well, White Trash! I have White Trash cousins & I run from them when I see them in public. I try to explain this to young people, all people do good & bad, but you can’t explain that when a person sees someone doing bad things & they get a bad image of a certain race of people.

I get upset about things that happened 100 or 200 years ago, like the Native American Indians. I don’t know why, I guess I am just a passionate person. I watched the movie Australia & when I learned how the Aborigines were treated it just made me angry. I read anything I can on these subjects. God puts things like this on my heart.

Now that I have gone totally off subject, I will jump back to main subject!

Liz is an amazing woman, she has survived Breast Cancer, moved to a big city as a child, left her baby with her mother, raised two sons, made a career for herself, overcome racial obstacles in the South to make a great life for herself in DC & is a fun-loving, christian person. Came home to retire & took care of her mother until she became sick & died four years ago. I value her friendship. She is like me, a North Carolina Country Girl, there is nothing she likes more than cutting grass & working in her yard.

She did not have the opportunity to raise her daughter & they are close and have a loving mother, daughter relationship. I enjoyed getting to know her daughter & hope to visit again. It was fate & God’s planning that we are friends, she bought the house I grew up in when my daddy got transferred 17 years ago, when she retired and moved back home. She has been a great family friend & has done a lot for my grandparents over the years. We have been getting closer over the years & this year has been great for our friendship.


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