Things have been kind of crazy lately! I have not posted in almost a week & a lot has happened in my simple life.

I went to my Pain Management Doctor & got two Lidocaine injections. I don’t understand why I can only two (needles). I saw the PA & requested to see the doctor at my next appointment & I will ask that question. I will do my research before my next appointment.

I have been taking Topamax since June 2010 and went up to 300 MG about 6 months ago. At my appointment last week I requested to go up to 400 MG & she was not interested in increasing the dosage. After a good heart to heart with her, (the PA), she did increase the dose to 400 MG. Out of respect to her, I will not go into details of our conversation. I am not sure why she did not want to raise the dosage. I am very thankful to have a doctor & PA that allow me to speak my peace & they listen! If this is not happening for you, look for another doctor! It took me a long time to find a great team of doctors. DON’T GIVE UP!

I got my also got my first B12 shot last week & 3 more to go. Then they will test to make sure the shots are working.

Met with my OBGYN last week & requested a better Hormone Replacement therapy for Vaginal dryness & we decided to go back to the Hormone Patch, the Vivelle Dot patch.

So, with going up on Topamax dosage, getting a B12 injection & having a B12 deficiency for who knows how long?!, change in hormones; No wonder I am tired & sleepy for the past week. I have been in bed the past 3 days. My pain has increased & I think it is because I have been living a more normal life; traveling, in the pool, shopping. This is what happens when you get the Lidocaine injections, your pain goes away & when the Lidocaine wears off your pain comes back with a vengeance! I have got to figure out how to stagger these injections so they are not all wearing off at the same time! I will figure it out in time. For now, there are a lot of changes going with my body & I will have to give it time for all these changes to keep changing & in time in a few weeks I will be able see how things are going with my body. I think it is best not to make too many changes at once. I am very impatient, but when it comes to my body I have learned patience is best!


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