I figured out headaches are coming from muscles spasms in neck/shoulder, so after 3 days using Tens Unit, like they use at Physical Therapy or chiropractor (my doctor ordered me one) & no headache when I wake up. This is so awesome & the only cost to me after insurance paid their part was $75.00 and it runs on batteries. At some point I will have to replace the pads on the Tens unit, this is cheaper than a massage & I can use this at home. I suggest asking your Pain Management Doctor to order you one. I didn’t ask my doctor, she ordered the Tens Unit for me, now that is a great doctor.

I also use the Tens unit for muscle pain on my lower back below my waist/upper buttocks area. Anything I can use that will reduce my pain & this keeps me from taking Narcotics, I am all for it! I don’t like taking strong drugs & muscle relaxers, especially during the day, because they make me sleepy and I don’t want to sleep all day.

The Tens Unit has opened up a whole new world for me, it is small and light. You would be able to carry with you when you travel. I am not being paid to promote this unit, I am simply sharing this information, because I want to help anyone in pain find anything to reduce the pain and if you can save money at the same time that is an added bonus.


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