I have a heavy heart tonight for all the families & loved ones of all the soldiers killed today in Afganistan. I am Praying for them & our country. Freedom always comes with a heavy price! Without them, none of us would be free to be participant in Blogs, Facebook, Twitter or any other social internet sites that allow all of American to participate in FREE SPEeCH!

I heard a Grandmother tonight on the news saying talking about her Grandson was killed in this attack & it was so sad. She requested America Pray for the wives, families, etc; because they knew it was a strong possibility their husband and/or son was not coming home. No news media can tell it plainer than that! She was explaining she was going to meet her daughter where they would be bringing her grandson’s body home.

This is not a political post, anti or for the war post! It is a post about PEOPLE! AMERICAN SOLDIERS, COMING HOME DEAD!


What is it going to take for America to wake up? I don’t want to see the Hollywood Celebrities on the News! I want to see more real stories about the men and women serving this country. These people are coming home injured and can’t find a job, can’t pay their bills, can’t get medical help for their injuries. But, the celebrity is all over the news because she stole something or died of a drug overdose!

We call ourselves living in the Modern World, well I sometimes it would be better to go back to 1940 when people had honor and respect!


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