North Carolina is losing money on the tax-free weekend. I don’t believe that for a minute! Next week when the tax-free weekend is over North Carolina Governor, Beverly Purdue will be complaining about something else that is costing the state money and tax-free weekend will be a memory.

I don’t feel like getting a shower and getting dressed, but I need a few things for the house and I am going to take advantage of the last day of tax-free weekend. A little discount adds up. It boggles my mind what is on the tax-free list. The following items are some of the things I plan to buy today:

Paintbrushes for artwork
Paints (acrylic, tempora and oil)
Sketch and drawing pads

These items I can use in my crafts and no I am not a student I am a 44 year-old southern woman who has Fibromyalgia and when I feel good I like to spend my time painting as well as other crafts (not your grandma’s crafts, cool crafts). Making decisions like this is why our country is in trouble, (in debt to China). But, I can’t fix the world, so I am going to make my day, “A Sunny day in My Fibro~My~Algia Storm.” Why not take advantage the crazy mistakes and rules? Me and my husband have bills to pay and have to put food on the table, but we also like to live life. He and my daughter put extra money in hunting and I put extra money in crafts. One day I hope to make a profit from these crafts. But, today I am just enjoying life on my healing journey and thankful I live in a Free country. Thankful for a supportive husband and daughter. Tomorrow I may be in bed all day, so today I am going to live!


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