You might be a redneck if (2) 40 something females pickup a 40 something (cripple man in a neck brace). Sneak in apartment parking lot & Toilet Paper roll one of the women’s son’s cars at East Carolina University @ midnight. Who says you can’t have fun when you have kids in college. Just cause they drain your wallet don’t mean we are dead & stop living. Good clean, innocent fun!

After some family drama this week I really needed some fun. I needed to forget reality & remember what it was like to have no worries & just have some fun. Those kids were tripping out at us. They were ready to kick some but, untill my friend did her Rebel Yell to let them know who we were! Then her youngest son said, that is Regina! She has 3 boys, 2 in college & 1 starting high school, they are great kids and got a real kick at the old people pulling pranks on the College kids. There friends didn’t seem too embarrassed. LOL

I posted this on my Facebook today: “We might have to go back & get another car again after this memory is old! Anyone got other kids in Greenville that need to be pranked?”

Sometimes when life gets so complicated and you can’t do anything to change you just need to have some fun and that is just what I needed. My high school best friend was in town to move in her middle son into college, her oldest son already goes to this college. I picked her up at her mother’s house and we were just riding around talking about old times and ran into an old friend. After we were joking around, we are taking a road trip forty minutes East to Greenville, NC!

The biggest mistake anyone can make when they have Chronic Pain is to stop living. I have made this mistake before and it was the worst mistake of my life. If it were not for Pain Management I would still be in the bed and life would be passing my by.


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